The Saga Continues

The Saga Continues

Published: 01/04/2021

Ah, the New Year, saying goodbye to 2020 has never felt better!

What a time to be alive?! The pandemic, riots and wildfires, UFOs and what was it, ah yes, "killer bees". Yet, we made it! So here's to us, here's to the New Year and a fresh start.

The music scene wasn't 'dead' but it wasn't as lively as it could have been; sure, plenty of records came out in 2020 but aside from virtual concerts and award ceremonies via TV - what else was new? TikTok getting sued?

Homesick, but of course! This gem was released in mid 2020, Rafuusa's latest, a very fitting title given the circumstances. Needless to say, we didn't hear too much from the artist, that is - until now.

"Going in strong" the artist says, "new year, new opportunities and lots to do. After Homesick, I didn't really feel it was necessary to release new music - I was pissed that this record got pushed back but what can you do?"

"I'm looking forward to picking up where it feels like I left off, not that I haven't been working on new music, on the contrary, I've just been focusing my attention on other endeavors, ie.) film scores, building the brand - ya know, things like that."

"It's time to continue to the saga or the trilogy, if you will. We're maybe* looking at a new mixtape, some singles and another album, it all depends on how this year unfolds, it's too early to tell."